5 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time to Start Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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1. There is Less Sun Exposure

When getting Laser Hair Removal you must wait a minimum of 1 to 4 weeks after sun exposure before you have Laser Hair Removal , the duration you will need to wait depends on which Laser we use. We have all 3 types of Laser for Laser Hair Removal , ND YAG, Alexandrite and Diode Laser . At our free consultation we shall decide which laser is best for you.

During the Summer it is less convenient to avoid the sun as most prefer to enjoy the lovely weather. Whereas during the winter months there is less sun exposure therefore you can see why it makes it easier to have Laser Hair Removal Treatments.

2. No excessive sweating during the winter

Since Laser heats the hair follicle, this can cause the skin around the hair follicle to be heat -sensitive for 24 to 48 hours.  This is why we recommend that you avoid any activity that will raise your body temperature ( eg visiting Sauna’s, Steam Rooms, having hot baths ) or exposing your skin to heat after your Laser session. In the winter time its easier to follow our instructions regarding avoiding heat compared to the summer months. Wintertime is perfect for you to stay cool after your laser hair removal treatment with our experts.

3. Easier to Plan around your Laser Sessions

 During the winter times you don’t need to pause your treatment for sunny holidays or shave or wax as much as you would have in the summer .  This is because most of the time you will be covered up in warm clothing. You only need to shave 24 hours before your laser session

4. Fed Up of Painful Waxing

Lets face it Waxing is torture! Why wax when you can get lasered ? At StayLasered we use the latest cooling technology to cool your skin whilst you get lasered so that its virtually pain free.


5. Ingrown Hairs

No more ingrown hairs with Laser Hair Removal , no more prickly feeling on your skin 2 days after you have shave , just smooth silky skin after your Laser Hair Removal Session . This is because Laser actually gets rid of the hair follicles.